Self-Defense Courses

Range Martial Arts offers a great, well-rounded, and informative self defense program which can be tailored to all ages. Range Martial Arts has been instructing self defense courses for over 20 years and has been involved in many large organizations including Girl Scouts of America, Duluth school district, Chisholm school district, Red Hat Society, and many more. We have taught hundreds of classes to groups as large as 175. We offer reasonable rates to make it affordable for all individuals to be able to attend.


  • To provide a fun, hands-on learning environment where individuals will learn simple, life-saving techniques and become more aware of potentially dangerous situations.
  • To offer a professional presentation and realistic, life-based scenarios and techniques.
  • To offer tips and ideas to help keep individuals out of dangerous situations.
  • To inform individuals of current scams and abduction techniques.
  • To give people an ability and awareness level to keep themselves safe in today's society.


Courses are available for Women, Men, Senior Citizens and Kids in 2 or 3 hour course lengths. Courses customized to your needs may be available.

To schedule a time or inquire about prices, contact us via mail, phone or email.