Julie Wargowsky

Julie Wargowsky started Tang Soo Do, as a teenager, at Range Martial arts in Chisholm, MN in the early 1990’s. Mr. Yukich was the head instructor at this time. She learned many life lessons that helped her through school such as focus, control and discipline. Julie made it to the rank of brown belt. Due to family responsibilities she stopped active training in martial arts, but never forgot what she had learned.

In 2009, Julie’s daughter decided that she would like to try martial arts. Julie told her daughter about her experience with Tang Soo Do and explained that Range Martial Arts was still located nearby. After watching her daughter for many months enjoying Tang Soo Do, Julie thought that she remembered a lot of the material that she had learned when she was younger. Instead of just sitting and watching her daughter, she decided that getting up and participating would be more fun and a lot healthier! Julie and her daughter enjoy working out together in class and are proud of the achievements they both make.

Julie successfully tested for her black belt in the fall of 2013. Julie looks forward to coming to all of the classes including Tiny Tigers, Little Dragons and the general class. She likes passing on the knowledge what she has learned and learning from others, of all ages. She received her instructor certification from the World Tang Soo Do Association through Range Martial Arts in the fall of 2014.

Julie lives in Side Lake with her significant other, daughter and mother. She works as a paraprofessional (working with a student) at a school in Hibbing, MN.