About Range Martial Arts

Range Martial Arts is one of the longest running martial arts schools in northern Minnesota. We are a family oriented school focusing on the traditional values of the martial arts. We appeal to students of all ages ranging from 4 to 64 and beyond. We invite you to come in and observe our martial arts classes and colored-belt tests.

Our school was officially opened in Chisholm, MN on June 1, 1989 by Steve Yukich. Mr. Yukich started teaching in Buhl, MN through the Community Education program as a green belt after his instructor, Harvey Church, left to pursue his college degree. At the time, Mr. Yukich was affiliated with the United States Tang Soo Do Moo Duk Kwan Federation under the direction of Grand Master Hwang Kee. A few years later - in the mid 1980s - Mr. Yukich started teaching classes on the top floor of the Buhl Police Station/Village Hall. He stopped teaching a few years later to pursue his studies in early childhood and elementary education.

Mr. Yukich then returned to teaching by renting space three nights a week from a business in Chisholm. After a few months, the other business decided to close its doors, so Mr. Yukich jumped at the opportunity to open his own business at the location. He loved the arts and wanted to teach as many people as he could. As the years passed, classes grew. The school continued strong, showing its dedication to the community, teaching martial arts and holding woman's self defense classes. In 2003 Steve Yukich retired and the school was taken over by Bryan Fagerstrom. Classes continued to grow, and by 2005 the studio became too small, and a new building was purchased. After some renovations, classes continued at its new location.

On October 10, 2016, Justin Koivisto opened the door for a new location of the school in Virginia, MN. The new Range Martial Arts East location was opened to help spread the positive influence of the martial arts to an underrepresented area in the school's enrollment due to driving distances.

Today we have members from age 4 to 60 and beyond and offer three Korean martial arts. We continue to grow as we seek to instruct children and adult students alike. We pride ourselves in teaching not only the requirements for rank advancement, but promote good health, confidence, respect, and self-discipline. We hold classes in multiple locations and often times have special sessions with guest masters for our students. While some of our students leave for school or other commitments, many still keep in touch with their Range Martial Arts brothers and sisters.